Technical Assistance in Walnut and Chesnut Cultivation

Selling walnut and sweet chestnut trees

The Coulié nurseries supplies the highest-quality sweet chestnut and walnut trees to nut producers, farmers et chestnut growers, investors and producers in the food-processing industry and fruit agriculture.

  • Commercial orchards, investment projects in the food-processing industry
  • Feasibility studies, technical assistance and tree deliveries in Moldavia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria

Nut producers, Investors and Chestnut growers

In an effort to promote the operation of our customers and their future profits, we stand ready to provide comprehensive technical assistance services at each stage in the creation of walnut and chestnut groves across Europe and worldwide.

Characteristic advantages of walnut and sweet chestnut agricultural productions

The production of walnuts and sweet chestnuts in an average or large-sized orchard is an agricultural activity that can almost be entirely mechanized.
. The technical criteria of a proper development demands a preliminary study but these are well known and easy to be mastered by any developer.

We are generally contacted from the phase that concerns the feasibility study and the profitabilitycalculation of these operation projects and implementing agricultural production directly by the developers

(See the adjacent comments on the economic perspectives and the culture of walnut and sweet chestnut trees)

Stage 1: the plantation file

At the start-up phase of an agricultural project, we facilitate developers or investors with a “plantation file”. This document allows the project bearer to structure his economic and technical agricultural study.
Here are the essential factors included in this feasibility study phase :

  • The ecology of the fruit plant (walnut or sweet chestnut tree)
  • Rainfall indications adapted to these cultures
  • Soil indications / quality of the water and studies to be conducted on the soil and water
    Evaluation of Macro and micro elements, boron, sodium...
  • Favourable/ unfavourable climatic indications
  • Other local agricultural data, parasitology
  • Technical and scientific reference documentation

Having supplied this "road map", we accompany the professional in technical analysis along with agricultural and financial statement of the project.

We supply economic and agricultural concepts, particularly concerning the following quality certified and naturally resistant hybrid varieties :

  • Fernor (click)
  • Chandler (click)
  • Franquette (click)
  • Lara (click)






We also provide comprehensive 30 / 50 year business-plans on a purely economic level (local values based on France)

Following the completion of this feasibility study and considering the local data, we assist the developer to decide with regard to all these technical requirements.

Arboriculture projects definition

Nut producing/ chestnut growing processes are often new activities for our customers and the know-how with regard to arboriculture in the so-called "emerging" countries differ from those that we aware of. Therefore, our experts help you identify the most strategic aspects in the future operation, and render the best possible comprehensive vision on the success factors from which the owner can benefit.
Provided below is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Variety choice / pollinators
  • Professional orchard level, orientations, density of fruit trees
  • Preparation, correction, sub soiling
  • Irrigation
  • Cultivation timescale
  • Concept of equipment and tooling, of maintaining plots, formation

You must never forget that trees and fruits are all living beings.
If one third of the proper agricultural production potential is related with the quality of the plansthat we are cultivating, the other two-thirds are related with the natural soil and climatic environment, and finally with the quality of the care brought to these plants.

In the case of implementing the operation and the constitution of teams, the concept of technology transferis not to be taken lightly. We continue to strive to share ourtree cultivation, agricultural techniques along with cultivation and harvesting mechanical equipment.

The Production approach

In the context of investor, nut producer and chestnut grower projects, we convey a set of well-proven and essential techniques :

  • Field staking
  • Reception of plants, control, handling of plant
  • Preparation of holes or mechanical plantation with a guardian
  • Mulching, watering, fertilization
  • Green-grafting
  • Individual protectionagainst extreme climatic

Monitor the first 5 to 6 years

An agricultural production is a long-term project. The care brought to the planting material is therefore quite demanding. Following the timescale along with other climate-related events is also important. Here is a set of technical aspects that we insist you should respect:

  • Green pluckingduring summer
  • Soil maintenance maintenance – Grassing (according to varieties) on a planting tape, Ramial wood
  • Possible Treatments with :
  • Pruningtechniques
  • Manure composition

Organic production techniques

As an extension of the agricultural / arboriculture approach that is prioritized in our nurseries, we facilitate you with all the necessary advice for the operations of organic walnut orchards / organic walnut trees and organic chestnut orchards / organic chestnut trees :

  • Alternatives to chemical weeding, covering, mulching
  • Amendments and organic fertilizations
  • Irrigation techniques
  • Protection against parasites, preventions from pathologies
  • BRF, ramial chipped wood