Certified Juglans regia Varieties

Our nursery is certifiably specialized in the cultivation of walnut and sweet chestnut trees in various tree heights for all Eastern European countries.

The varieties that we cultivate and distribute are specifically chosen depending on their excellent adaptive capabilities to both climatic and environmental conditions in all Ukraine, Moldavia, and Romania...

The trees that are found in our Nursery are resulting from technical and cultural developments, furnishing th>rootstocks, hybridizations, in-vitro development and grafting techniques).

For recent hybrid walnut and sweet chestnut tree varieties, they are INRA certified and inspected by the CTIFL every year. Whereas for traditional varieties that are ex>

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We make sure to carry out feasibility and a technical support studies before starting walnuts and sweet chestnut tree cultivations in your farm. (Consultancies on project preparation, reception, planting the seedlings, irrigation, fertilization, height, weeding, maintenance) Visit our page

Below are the main varieties of walnut trees that are recommended and planted across Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary:


LARA walnut tree
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FRANQUETTE walnut tree
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CHANDLER walnut tree
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FERNOR walnut tree
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