Walnuts and Chestnuts Plants For Sale in Moldavia Roumania Ukraina

Following a trade show and requests from local producers, the Coulié nurseries have been present in Moldova since 2006 thanks to a commercial representation.

The neighbouring market of Romania was logically addressed from 2009 as well as that of Ukraine.

These three agricultural markets are very buoyant, and a real increase in demand, motivates investors to start orchards and broadly fertilize (suitable soils, Coulié's adapted techniques to continental climate, tradition and know-how in the Transformation of walnut-> kernels).

The exclusive sales representative of Coulié nurseries for these three countries is Mr Andrei Bugat based in Chisinau, capital of Moldova.

He develops agricultural projects in these markets, in particular by using commercial agents locally; the technical follow-up steps include:

  • Technical feasibility study
  • Economic evaluation of local potential
  • Choice of Certified Walnuts and Chestnuts Varieties
  • Export
  • Production follow-up (production, reception of seedlings, planting advice, mechanical equipment, size, fertilization, treatment, irrigation etc.)

Our nuresery tree is selling Certified Walnuts and Chesnut Plants for Moldavia Romania and Ukraina. You can contact Mr. Bugat here via our website, his phone numbers or by his email.

Lossif Kiss’ problem - Joseph Karoly Kiss Romania

NB for the attention of our customers and contact in Romania (Lossif’s problem / Joseph Karoly Kiss nursery nut Coulie):

The sales of wild walnut seedlings are labelled as certified / numbered Coulie-INRA are made in Romania, and they have associated the name of our Nursery with Mr Lossif Kiss

On his website, a video shows us alongside with him in a long interview, as well as the use of PDF files on 4 Coulié products (Chandler seedlings, Fernor seedlings, Lara seedlings, Franquette seedlings)

We reject this unauthorized use of the name "Nurseries Coulié" linked to Romania and to this person under legal action.

As a former local commercial agent, none of our nursery plants nor products from our nursery are no longer passing through and will never pass through Mr Lossif Kiss.

Octobre 2015 - J. Coulie